I’m Ruth Bowman, the creator of Flutter-By Bears. I live in Staffordshire, in an area of the UK  known as ‘The Potteries’ , which was for centuries the heart of the ceramics industry.

I have been making miniature bears since 2002, and I currently spend as many hours as possible every day designing, hand sewing and creating little bears of 3 inches and under, and their friends.

Flutter-By Bears

About me ....and the bears.

Lily - 3”

Winner - British Bear Artist Awards (Single Miniature Bear) 2008

Awards ....and Honours.


2nd Place - British Bear Artist Awards (Single Miniature Bear) 2009

Party Time Tiffany - 3”

Golden Teddy  Nominee 2008 :

Miniature Dressed Bear

Pollyanna - 3”

Miss Majesty - 3”

Golden Teddy  Nominee 2009 :

Miniature Dressed Bear

Sylvie- 3”

Teddy Bear Scene Nominee:

Miniature Bears 2005

Dancing with Buddy -3”

Teddy Bear Scene Nominee:

Miniature Bears 2006

‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’

Winner - International Bear Artist Group:

Nursery Rhyme Challenge 2006

3rd Place - British Bear Artist Awards (Group Miniature Bears) 2008

Golden Celebration

Amongst my first bears I made quite a few winged fairies; which was the original inspiration for the name Flutter-By Bears. Nowadays, I find the thought of my little bruins winging their way around the world an inspiration in itself.

I use the best quality materials I can find; usually long pile Upholstery Velvets, including the scarce Vintage Malden Mills fabric which has a particularly dense pile. Paw pads are usually Ultrasuede, eyes; onyx beads. The majority of pieces will have cotter-pinned, or wobble-jointed heads, and thread-jointed limbs. Very often I design felt accessories for the bears, for which I have a large stock of  felts and vintage trimmings. I use a polyester fibre for a firm filling, and all but the very tiniest creations have an ’FB’ monogram embroidered  on the left foot - run together to resemble a butterfly. A unique tiny flutter-by name tag completes each piece.

I have an endless fascination with the whole process of putting together fur fabrics and trims, and with detailed work (and constant minute attention to detail) arriving at a finished bear which  is as expressive as a much larger one. I would like to think they have the same vibrant energy as tiny delicate butterflies and that collectors will find each one utterly delightful!


Unless stated otherwise all designs are ‘one of a kind in a series’. Even where the same pattern is used each bear will have its own unique look.

These bears and friends are collectors’ items only and are therefore not suitable as toys, or for under 14’s due to very small parts.

William: Joint Winner’ Best Traditional Bear, TBACA, Dec 2008


From Teddy Bear Times

All bear photography copyright of A Bowman 2010.