Indulge yourself with some fairies, butterflies, photo fun and frivolous flutterings!

‘The butterfly only knows

How it feels to have wings,

To kiss the petals of flowers

In such elegant flitterings’


‘In the soft and dusty evening,

Angels all around me fly,

I can see their wings of moonlight,

I can hear the song they sigh.’


‘Take the fair face of woman,and gently suspending,

with butterflies, flowers and jewels attending,

thus your fairy is made of most beautiful things.’

                                                                            -Charles Ede

‘Few folk have seen a fairy,

But I found this one for you.

If you believe with all your might.

She’ll make your dreams come true’


‘A butterfly hovers closely,

And then quickly moves away,

Swiftly going wheresoever,

Her heart may freely say’,


All bear photography copyright of A Bowman 2010.